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"Maintain Comal County's hill country way of life by conserving, protecting, and preserving our Trinity groundwater resources."

History and Purpose <developing edits>

The Texas State Legislature in 1949 authorized the creation of Groundwater Conservation Districts to perform certain prescribed duties, functions, and hold specific powers as set forth in Article 7880-3c, Texas Civil Statutes.  The authorization was later moved to Chapter 52 of the Texas Water Code, then to Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code.


2015 HB 2407 Legislative act . . .

all of Comal, Trinity 


The main District office has not been determined . . .


The South Central Texas region . . . is arid to sub-arid with few surface water resources and for a large majority of the area, the only water supply is from the the Canyon Lake reservoir and groundwater resources of the Trinity aquifer.  Along the eastern edge of the county, the Edwards aquifer also serves as a groundwater resource.  Both the Trinity and the Edwards aquifers contain vast amounts of groundwater, but with limited recharge and over an estimated x,xxx active wells within the Comal Trinity GCD's district, water is a finite and dwindling resource.  Managing the Trinity aquifer in Comal County was and is recognized as a priority and groundwater conservation districts were created by the Texas State Legislature to address state groundwater management.


in xxx, Jay Millikin . . . stakeholder group . . . voters turn down . . .


The Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District's mission is achieved through rules, education programs, District-provided services, and by cooperative efforts of local, state, and federal water-related agencies.  The District <will> issue water well permits, collect groundwater information, perform water quality analyses, provide a number of well system tests as well as other services.  Extensive databases <will be> used to store, retrieve, and analyze the groundwater information for the District in its <developing> Groundwater Management Plan.


Throughout the historical formation of the Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, County Commissioners, stakeholder group, the appointed Directors, and staff have been committed to identifying future condition concerns and finding solutions before they become problems.  The Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District makes itself aware of regulations of other local, state, and federal agencies which affect the Trinity aquifer's groundwater, its use, or its management.  The District acts as a liaison between these agencies and the residents of Comal County.  


It is the goal of the District to provide the best management of our Trinity groundwater resources and make every effort to insure that an abundant supply of potable water will be available for future generations.

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