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"Maintain Comal County's hill country way of life by conserving, protecting, and preserving our Trinity groundwater resources."

History and Purpose <developing edits>

The Texas State Legislature in 1949 authorized the creation of Groundwater Conservation Districts to perform certain prescribed duties, functions, and hold specific powers as set forth in Article 7880-3c, Texas Civil Statutes.  The authorization was later moved to Chapter 52 of the Texas Water Code, then to Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code.


The Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District makes itself aware of regulations of other local, state, and federal agencies which affect the Trinity aquifer's groundwater, its use, or its management.  The District acts as a liaison between these agencies and the residents of Comal County.  


It is the goal of the District to provide the best management of our Trinity groundwater resources and make every effort to insure that an abundant supply of potable water will be available for future generations.

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