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Decontaminating Flooded Wells

Information provided by Texas Agrilife Extension 

Disinfecting Water Wells by Shock Chlorination

Information provided by Texas Agrilife Extension 

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Texas Water Information

The Texas Water Explorer is a new online tool that provides a comprehensive look at the state's 23 river basins and 30 aquifers.  The Trinity aquifer is shown in green.

Trinity Aquifer - The Edwards Aquifer Website

Information on the Trinity Aquifer provided by environmental scientist, Greg Eckhardt.

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Great Resources Recommended by Our Community!

Water Conservation at Home

Great info on water conservation ideas for around the home and numerous links to kid-friendly information and activities

Recommended by Emma

Water Conservation while Traveling

Tips for saving water while on the road

Recommended by Mrs. Cavanaugh's class

Water Conservation Throughout the Home

Great website with a variety of articles on water conservation ideas and other energy saving tips!

Recommended by Peyton

Guide to Drought Safety

Excellent link to ideas for preparing for, living through, and being aware of the eventuality of area droughts.  Recommended by Tom

Staying Safe During a Heat Wave

Learn how to stay safe during a heat wave and how to treat heat-related illness like heat exhaustion.  Recommended by Tom

Keeping Pets Safe in Hot Weather

Help keep your pets safe and cool this summer. Follow our tips for helping everyone in your family stay healthy while hot.  Recommended by Tom

Cool-Your-Dog Tips for Hot Summer Day

Help keep your pets safe and cool this summer. Follow our tips for helping everyone in your family stay healthy while hot.  Recommended by Larry

Saving Water Indoors

Conserving water doesn't mean you have to change your entire lifestyle. By being mindful of what you do around the house, you can save both water and money.  Recommended by Larry

Saving Water Outdoors

More than half of the average household's water use occurs outdoors. Here are some simple ways you can reduce water use around the house.  Recommended by Tom

Staying Safe During Wild Fires

Wildfires wreak havoc on communities, displacing families, and even destroying homes and lives; it's especially important to learn the latest tips and tricks to stay safe when flames erupt. Recommended by Tom

Driving in Fog, Dust Storms, and Sandstorms

Driving risk takes many forms, and the loss of visibility poses a serious one. Although weather conditions are beyond a driver’s control, understanding the events saves lives.

Recommended by Tom

Which States Use the Most Water?

A link to water usage withdrawals by state and most populated county per state in the categories: domestic, industrial, irrigation, livestock, aquaculture, and mining. Recommended by Tom

25 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

With the increase of population and more areas struggling with drought & conservation efforts, making a conscious decision to cut back on water usage means a lower utility bills and a better environment.  Recommended by Tom

Smart Business Practices to Conserve Water

How can companies begin to measure, monitor, and save water? Here are 10 tips for understanding your company's use and learning how to conserve smartly.  Recommended by Tom

How Does an Aquifer Work?

Great video created by the Edwards Aquifer Authority to aid in visualizing groundwater (and contaminants) movement through the Edwards Aquifer

Watch Now

Understanding the Trinity Aquifer in Kendall County

The Trinity Aquifer does exhibit increased compartmentalization when compared to the Edwards. This video from the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District discusses some of the unique characteristics well owners face in Comal County as well, especially on the western side.