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CTGCD Installing Well Monitoring Equipment

Test Well.jpg

CTGCD General Manager, H.L. Saur (left), installs the fifth of ten new Wellntel well monitoring set-ups.  Wellntel’s next-generation measurement technology and cloud platform have been chosen by the CTGCD to kick off and streamline Trinity Aquifer data collection.  Sensors deployed on private domestic and agricultural wells use private internet connections to seamlessly stream data via the cloud to the County's GCD office.  It uses cellular data collection with data streaming at strategic Comal County locations.  The accurate, rich data sets are accessed via secure, online accounts and are ready for GCD viewing, analysis, and report creation.  The Wellntel cloud platform makes groundwater visible for the District's Directors and water managers, and at the well level for private well owners, broadening resource understanding and facilitating trust and GCD management decisions.  The state-of-the-art acoustic technology enables continuous timed water-level measurement without touching water, making it easier to analyze pumping impacts and seasonal recovery – even on private land where water-level stress is most accurate and often felt first.

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